Amazon to open new internet satellite factory Inc. Kirkland, Washington will open a satellite manufacturing facility to support its multibillion-dollar Project Kuiper initiative.

Company declared Plan on Thursday.

Project Kuiper is an initiative through which Amazon plans to build and deploy more than 3,200 internet satellites into orbit. According to the company, its satellite constellation will provide internet access to areas beyond the reach of land-based internet infrastructure. Amazon has it said They intend to invest more than $10 billion in Project Kuiper over time.

The company’s upcoming satellite manufacturing facility will have 172,000 square feet of space in Kirkland, a city about 8 miles from its hometown of Seattle. When operating at full capacity, it will be capable of producing as many as four Project Kuiper satellites per day. Amazon expects the facility to create more than 200 aerospace and manufacturing jobs.

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“Getting Project Kuiper’s satellites into space requires significant precision, expertise and a world-class team committed to our vision,” said Rajeev Badyal, Project Kuiper’s vice president of technology. “This new satellite manufacturing facility will significantly increase our production capacity as we approach launch and deployment, and it will take us another step closer to our mission of connecting unserved and underserved communities around the world.”

Amazon in detail This week it uses robots to automate some of the steps involved in building Project Kuiper satellites. The company maintains a satellite hub in Redmond, Washington that includes research laboratories as well as facilities optimized for manufacturing prototype hardware.

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Amazon is currently working on two prototype satellites, Kuipersat-1 and Kuipersat-2, which are on track for completion by the end of the year. The satellites will launch into space in early 2023 on a rocket developed by United Launch Alliance LLC. Amazon earlier this year reserved Up to 92 launches from United Launch Alliance, Blue Origin LLC and Arianespace SA to support Project Kuiper.

The Amazon business unit leading development of Project Kuper consists of over 1,000 employees. Last year, Amazon Extended Meta Platforms Inc. Unit by getting satellite internet group of.

Amazon’s constellation of satellites will operate in low Earth orbit, which is the innermost region a few hundred miles above the surface. Internet constellations have historically operated at significantly higher altitudes. Deploying satellites closer to Earth reduces launch costs and also reduces the distance the data has to travel to the surface, reducing latency for users.

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SpaceX Corp. Likewise, Nakshatra is deploying its Starlink internet satellite into low Earth orbit. OneWeb Ltd., a London-based company that competes with SpaceX and Amazon’s Project Quiper division, is taking the same approach.

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