America needs to come together after divisiveness of midterm electiom

As I sit on one side of the living room reading the morning paper, my wife sits on the other side knitting an afghan for our granddaughter. Afghan is not all one color. The blue band is followed by the pink band, followed by the green band, and very soon these colors will be repeated.

Looking across the room at the Afghan, it suddenly occurred to me that our country is made up of people of different colors and ethnicities, and that we are all part of the great tapestry called America.

Each of these groups is special and has given something unique to America. Native Americans, our First People, donated corn. Lt. Edward “Butch” O’Hare, our nation’s first rifleman, added his name to the airfield. Ohio architect Maya Lin designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Irving Berlin gave us the song “God Bess America” ​​to sing in the dark days of 9/11.

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Our last days were also dark, with arguments during political debates. This is normal; political debates are always contentious. But there was also hatred. The man was hit on the head and sent to the hospital. Then he’s hit again with the nasty, vicious news that he’s having an affair while she’s away from home. Why? Is it because Paul Pelosi is the husband of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives and belongs to a different political party?

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The mid-term elections are over. What we need now is healing and a search for unity. Could one of our national leaders go on national television and suggest that we all join together to sing “God Bess America”?

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Think about it. Busloads of schoolchildren, crabby old men on street corners, people jammed on airplanes, politicians across the aisle from statehouses and the halls of Congress, and even the Pride Boys all join in singing “God Bless!” America.”

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It would be a beautiful thing to see and hear.

William Dodd Brown, Lincoln Square

Don’t put a tax burden on homeowners

If adjustments to commercial property assessments result in a state budget deficit, raising home owner assessments to close the gap should not be an available solution. The only solution is to cut the budget.

To prevent county budget cuts from being circumvented, homeowner assessment increases must be capped and then set at the 100-year average rate of inflation.

Warren Rogers Jr., Matheson


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