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If I had to pick one main reason the Democrats are going to fail in a month, I’d go with their crazy energy policy.

In no other area is the connection between their radical politics and the real lives of the people so directly connected and so easily understood.

Crime is close, but the crime boom is mostly in the deep blue cities.

Law-abiding members of these communities are certainly reconsidering policies. Most of them are minorities. Many Hispanic, Asian, and Black Americans resent the campus-driven radical awakening agenda being foisted on them in democratic cities. They see the results every day.

Their pushback in places like San Francisco and Seattle gives normal people everywhere reason to hope, but it will take time and this election cycle won’t move the needle in a big way.

Energetic will. Energy affects everyone. People fill up their cars and notice. People pay heating bills and notice. And it’s hard for normal people not to lay a huge chunk of energy costs at the feet of the Democratic Party. Democrats, including President Joe Biden, campaigned “break free” fossil fuel.

They have implemented many policies aimed at just that. Perhaps most importantly, they strongly support so-called environmental, social and governance, or ESG, investment criteria to stifle fossil fuel investment.

All this has contributed to the increase in energy costs and will continue to do so in the future.

People also notice the aspect of national security. It’s not as politically influential as pocketbook issues, but shockingly, Americans like a strong America.

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The fracking boom helped America become a net exporter of energy for the first time in decades. Energy is as much a weapon as a commodity. It always has been.

He who stores gas has great strategic power.

America kept the gas, but the Democrats decided to give it away. This has empowered the Saudis, Russia, China and others. America can export liquefied natural gas to Europe today. Democrats have done their best to slow down that potential.

In doing so, they weakened America’s power and handed power directly to Russia.

I don’t pretend that every voter has studied this. But I’m sure most have the feeling that something is wrong.

If energy ultimately helps Republicans return to power, they will have to come up with their own policies in the future.

There’s a lot of sentiment on the right against renewable energy in general, as if it’s some kind of left-wing trap.

This is the kind of tribalism that dominates America today, and it’s stupid.

The reality is that when it comes to energy policy, you’d have to be a complete idiot not to favor cleaner renewable energy, all other factors being equal.

If you’re old enough to remember the smog of the 1970s or travel enough to see the pollution in India and China, you know that clean energy is clearly better. Some conservatives believe the left is too alarmist about climate change.

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Others point out that our best option for climate change is to make our economy as strong as possible and rely on the human ability to innovate and adapt to meet the challenges as technology improves.

For either of these camps, however, cleaner energy should still be considered better, all other factors being equal. There are too many other benefits.

The problem, of course, is that all other factors are not equal. Clean energy technology cannot compete equally with fossil fuels on a global or even national scale.

The technology is not there yet.

The main drawback is the battery technology. Wind turbines and solar arrays work great when there is wind and sun.

Guess what happens to a windmill when there is no wind or a solar panel when there is no sun? Yes, no power. The only way is massive battery storage capacity.

There is no such technology available today at any price that is even remotely affordable.

Given all this, Democrats’ energy policy is largely based on the hope that higher fossil fuel costs will spur more renewable energy investment and innovation.

If this happens, the cost difference between renewable energy and fossil fuels will decrease over time. It’s been a bunch already. It’s not a crazy idea at all. Incentive work.

If more money is generated in renewable energy, more investments will be made. Over time, innovation should reduce costs. The problem is that we are not there yet.

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Not only is cost still an issue, but because of today’s battery technology problem, without fossil fuels, people literally wouldn’t have enough energy.

That’s what happened in California this summer, when the governor had to plead with residents to turn off their air conditioners to avoid blackouts.

It happened in America in 2022.

The reality is that fossil fuels may be here for years or even decades.

There is no magic.

Democrats can push renewable energy and battery technology all they want, and there’s still some chance that scientists just won’t get there soon enough.

Clean and safe nuclear fusion technology has been a goal for more than 70 years. Researchers have spent billions on it.

There is still no solution on the horizon.

The same can be true for a battery problem.

It is unlikely to spread on a scale that is remotely economically viable, at least for decades.

For conservatives, the reality is renewables and nuclear technology are improving and costs are falling.

Innovation works.

That’s a great thing.

Be all for it, as long as it’s done in a way that doesn’t hurt hardworking Americans.

That’s the winning strategy.

Neil Patel is an opinion writer for Creators Syndicate.

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