Amy Schumer’s ‘SNL’ Comments Linking Kanye West to Nazis Divide Internet

Amy Schumer’s subtle “Nazi” dig at Kanye West during her Saturday Night Live The monologue has divided opinion online.

Schumer is back SNL to host for the third time over the weekend, and made a couple of eyebrow-raising jokes, including a reference to an upcoming “medieval abortion.”

References to Ye’s recent allegedly anti-Semitic comments drew laughs from the studio audience on Saturday, but others expressed outrage online.

Schumer was talking about autism spectrum disorder, formerly known as Asperger’s. “But then they found out, and it’s true that Dr. Asperger had Nazi ties, Kanye,” Schumer said in throwaway style, before looking at her mic to suggest something was wrong. “That’s weird.”

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Amy Schumer and Kanye West
Amy Schumer referred to Kanye West as a “Nazi” during her “SNL” monologue following West’s recent comments about the Jewish community. She has divided opinion online.
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Schumer Dr. Hans Asperger was referring to the Austrian doctor who was with the Nazis throughout his career. Several papers were written in the late 2010s in which Dr. Asperger’s involvement in the Nazi Party has been extensively studied, with academics such as Edith Schaefer and Herwig Zeck concluding that he participated in a “deliberate suicide program”.

West has come under fire in recent weeks for his comments about Jewish people, which have caused him to lose ties with businesses such as Adidas and Balenciaga.

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Twitter user @thedge7 wrote, “Cancel Amy Schumer,” how dare you call Kanye West a Nazi. SNL Disgusting!!!!”

@DevH79 called the monologue “ridiculous”. They said, “Kanye is bipolar. He’s medically diagnosed as such. Since when is it okay to mock someone’s mental health? Kanye needs help… not vitriol and hate.”

On Reddit, Schumer’s “Nazi” joke was shared across multiple forums, becoming a talking point for thousands of people. “Low-hanging fruit everywhere,” wrote one user, while another replied, “Huh? How brave.”

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There were many who supported and appreciated Schumer’s nuanced comment, though some were delivered with backhanded praise. “

“I don’t like Amy Schumer, but this was a good joke and she did it well,” @fantasticangent wrote on Reddit. “Love her, hate her or otherwise. Amy Schumer is still a much better person than Kanye West,” @MermaidStone added.

Actor Michael Abbott Jr. weighed in on the matter and corrected Schumer’s assertion that she was calling out anti-Semitism. “Repair.” “You call yourself anti-Semitic,” he wrote.

Schumer’s return SNL It turned out to be a “tough week” of her life. After the show ended, she revealed on Instagram that her son was rushed to the ER for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) on Thursday. Schumer confirmed that her son is now fine and thanked everyone SNL For helping her all week.


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