Apheris scoops up €8.7 million

Germany-based collaborative data engineering platform Apheris has lured €8.7 million in seed funding led by London-headquartered VC Octopus Ventures and backed by former Google CFO Patrick Pichette.

The funding is an expansion of Apheris’ original €2.5 million seed round and includes LocalGlobe, Dig Ventures, Other.VC and Heal Capital, as well as two more individual investors: Berthold von Freyberg (who usually invests as a co-owner of VC firm Target. Partners ) and Mirko Novaković (who founded IBM acquired Instana).

Apheris is working on a bespoke platform to allow organizations to securely work together on data tasks using data techniques such as federated machine learning, differential privacy and secure multi-party computation.

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Founded three years ago by Berlin-based duo Robin Rohm and Michael Hoh, Apheris aims to tackle the data silos that prevent some businesses and other organizations from using data to unlock business value, particularly for artificial intelligence that uses data to learn how to perform business tasks. .

Apheris aims to help train AI on more datasets in a “technically and commercially feasible way” that data can be securely collaborated by independent organizations, while physically keeping the data in the original owner’s networking environment.

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More complete datasets will be critical as technology engineers strive to create the next wave of machine learning algorithms, which are expected to provide solutions to global problems ranging from curing incurable diseases to climate change.

Early customers using Apheris technology include car maker BMW, chemical firm BASF and JLABS – the innovation arm of health product firm Johnson & Johnson.

Connor Scanlan, investment manager at Octopus Ventures, said: “While being able to leverage the endless positive potential of data collaboration, the Apheris team is enabling organizations to address the critical issue of ensuring that data privacy is protected. In doing so, they are unlocking enormous benefits across industries.”

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“We believe in investing in people and ideas that change the world, working with founders and teams to build businesses with positive impact at their core.

“At Apheris we see these values ​​in everything they do, and we look forward to seeing them go from strength to strength.”


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