BuzzFeed’s Rise to Internet Phenomenon Examined in Documentary

BuzzFeed, an online news site that has grown in popularity and published major political and entertainment stories, is the story of Kelsey Darragh, a former employee and filmmaker.

The film, which is currently in production, is backed by producer and financier Bright West Entertainment, which previously produced “Subject” and “Sirens.” The company partnered with the Emmy Award-winning production team at Campfire Studios, creators of “WeWork” for Hulu and “Low Country” for HBO Max, on the project.

The video maker says he wants to follow “the rapid rise and dominance of BuzzFeed in the early days of viral video,” but it’s not just about clicks and traffic. The video will also see a “disturbed and often criticized area” at BuzzFeed. The company went public in 2021 and its stock has fallen more than 80% since then.

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The video has a personal connection. Darragh, creator of the upcoming feature “Rehumanize,” is a former BuzzFeed contributor and producer.

“I’m drawn to connecting with old friends and looking back at the glory days of BuzzFeed – including what happened after the buzz,” said Darragh, who will direct the documentary. “Our time was a big part of internet history and who better to tell the story than those who have lived through all the ‘LOL’ and ‘WTF’ moments? I’m excited to share ideas from behind and in front of the camera, and work with Campfire and Bright West to bring the truth to life. .”

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The documentary will feature interviews with “born-BuzzFeed” internet favorites Curly Velasquez, Essence Gant and Jazzmyne Robbins, former BuzzFeed News Editor Ben Smith, former Director of Social Media & Publishing Maycie Timpone, former editor Sam Stryker. and former Director of Video Ella Meilniczenko, among other insiders.

Campfire CEO Ross Dinerstein and Bright West President Alex Lieberman, who is sponsoring the project, are producers; Campfire’s Rebecca Evans, Ross Girard and Mark McCune serve as executive producers.

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“Most startups start out with good intentions and, as a fellow entrepreneur, I often find myself looking at what worked and what didn’t, asking ‘why?’ said Dinerstein. “Plus, any opportunity to explore business and pop culture trends immediately catches my attention.”

Added Lieberman, “Like everyone else, I was impressed with BuzzFeed and what it must have been like to work there at a time when they had so much power. I can’t wait for Buzzfeed to repeat the ’16 Most Iconic Moments’ from the new record.

UTA and Cinetic Media are jointly representing the film.

Actors: Alex Lieberman, Ross Dinerstein, Kelsey Darragh.


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