Clapstick Media helps businesses exuberate their sales and social media aim through video marketing

New Delhi [India], Nov 14 (ANI/SRV): Digital Landscape – Companies need a strong social media and digital presence. Let’s face it, the Internet has changed the game when it comes to business. No longer can companies rely on traditional marketing methods to reach their target audience. To stay relevant and competitive, businesses need to have a strong digital presence. However, this is easier said than done. Companies face many challenges when it comes to digital presence, digital marketing and social media.

As a business owner, you know that a strong digital presence is critical to your success. But what exactly does this mean? In today’s competitive landscape, just having a website or social media account isn’t enough – you need to stand out from the crowd and deliver an engaging, holistic experience for your customers. That’s where pitching, branding, social media management and explainer videos come in.

The video and digital experience design market is huge with an estimated net business of USD 259 Bn in 2018. The AR/VR industry was worth 28 billion by 2021 but is projected to grow to 250 in just 2 years, reaching nearly half a trillion. Dollars by 2028!

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( Clapstick Media is an innovative design agency that specializes in helping companies enter new markets and grow their sales. He has worked with over 200 companies in 8+ countries and has helped guide Fortune 500 brands as well as startups looking to launch products or services in some industries by creating video content to guide them to success.

Founded in 2015 by Sanchita Chatterjee and Trimbak Chatterjee with their expertise, sheer persistence and a new benchmark of quality, ( Clapstick Media has helped companies worldwide including but not limited to companies in the USA. No. , UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. Along with a team of creative professionals, social media experts and strategists, he has created digital presence, social media strategies and compelling videos for some of the leading MNCs and startups across the globe. The startup aims to combine creativity and technology by providing techno-creative services that provide holistic video and digital experiences for clients, big brands as well as startups, to easily present their products or services.

“We are a full-service digital transformation company with a unique blend of creativity and technology. We help startups establish their brand across multiple customer touchpoints with full-service end-to-end turnkey solutions. At the corporate end, we help establish. Spectrum effectively communicates complex concepts, services and products to B2B and B2C audiences.Our comprehensive approach of using technology and creative hand-in-hand has provided many startups and brands with tangible spearheads in their respective markets.

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Clapstick’s journey has not been easy! But it is remarkably satisfying. When we started in 2015, we had no more than 3 to 5 clients, mostly local web design and small businesses. But we were always focused on the global video market.

We are fortunate to work with over 5+ Fortune 500 companies and have helped hundreds of start-ups and companies enter their markets. We also create video content for some of India’s top edu-tech and social influencers with over 2 million followers. IBM, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Ease-My-Trip, Eledwise, News Reach, MyCord and countless companies from India and abroad and even Australia, Canada, University of Geneva and other government organizations have worked with us for their videos. and digital needs. Delivering over 1000+ creative assets and in countless queues, we look forward to delving deeper into upcoming industries. ” – Quoted by Trimbak, one of the co-founders of ClapstickMedia.

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“The world is moving towards the metaverse. 3D augmented graphics and design will be at the peak of demand. We have always been a pioneering company. We were one of the pioneers of explainer video and isometric-style animation in India and we plan to hold our position. Clapstick Media Virtual Reality (VR) ), (AR) will foray into augmented reality and meta-verse content, leveraging our expertise in interactive and 3D design. We are also looking forward to expanding our operations across multiple locations and fundraising initiatives to further revolutionize digital experiences.” said Sanchita Chatterjee, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Clapstick Media.

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