D-BOX | haptic entertainment at IAAPA Expo 2022

D-BOX Technologies, a global leader deep walking pleasures, will be present at the IAAPA Expo 2022 in Orlando next week, as LAI games, Matrix Technology, and Triotech showcase the company’s advanced haptic technology. In addition, Partner Base Performance will host a VIP event at Andretti Motorsport, unveiling the new haptic Phoenix simulator.

All these partners use D-BOX technology to promote their new products, using precise movement, vibration and shape to help the visitors. This technology also helps to reduce the motion sickness associated with VR for a more enjoyable and immersive experience.

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Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride Ultra HD

Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride from LAI Games is being released in Ultra HD, with 5k resolution and a larger display, along with the latest iteration of D-BOX’s haptic technology. There are six experiences to encourage replayability, and these updates also feature high-quality graphics and the latest GeForce RTX card. Well-connected graphics and haptic feedback from the D-BOX reduce motion sickness.

Virtual Rabbids Big Ride HD Ultra

Find out more at booth #831.

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Price ORB

Matrix Technology supports the D-BOX haptic seats in the ORB tourist attraction, which makes visitors come back again and again at its first installation in one of the largest centers in Poland. A great selection of FECs, entertainment venues, commercial developments and more, ORB challenges players to reach the top of the leaderboard, competing with others from around the world.

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Attendees can find attractions at booth #5931.

Three advanced tours from Triotech

Triotech, successful creator of mass media campaigns, has a long-standing relationship with D-BOX and uses the company’s technology in three of its best-selling series. This partnership has enabled Triotech to achieve the ultimate entertainment experience and provide users with a product with maximum entertainment value and ultimate replay value.

This year, Triotech adds to its popular Storm VR experience, featuring hands-on technology and levels of difficulty, with a new D-BOX encoded movie that will debut at IAAPA: Creepy Castle. Players will be sent through the portals of a haunted place and come face to face with skeletons, spiders, ghosts and more.

Triotech Storm, XD Dark Ride, Typhoon

Triotech also uses D-BOX tech in its XD Dark Ride. Attendees of IAAPA can see the new film of this attraction, Zombies Resurrected, which will be released in early 2023. Scalable from 4 to 40 seats, XD Dark Ride has the most direct system in the world, team play, individual scoring and dynamics.

Finally, Triotech will also present Mkuntho, a coin machine, which allows users to experience a multitude of different side-by-side experiences. This includes inflatable seats, as well as a new series of 10 movies in 4k resolution.

Find out more at booth #5818.

The Phoenix

Base Performance Simulators will present the first installation of its new Phoenix simulator at Andretti Motorsport in Orlando, just down the road from the IAAPA Expo. The high-speed sim system incorporates D-BOX’s G5 haptic technology. It is designed to be durable while also allowing visitors to gain a better understanding of the professional motorsports experience.

Andretti Motorsport takes decades to deliver a wide range of racing and precision racing.

Meet the D-BOX team

D-BOX’s haptic technology is scientifically proven to reduce motion sickness for a more enjoyable and immersive experience. Thanks to this technology, the fun systems offered by LAI Games, Matrix Technology, Triotech and Base Performance Simulators are able to uniquely convey stories that continue to be seen and heard, and keep players coming back again and again.

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