In the month of May, old IRON MAIDEN singer Paul Di’Ano he met him face to face MAIDEN just Steve Harris for the first time in thirty years before the group was in Croatia.

Harriswhose team launched its 2022 leg “Legacy of the Beast” world tour at the 22,000-capacity Arena Zagreb, came out before the show to greet the cyclist. Di’Ano and chat with him for a few minutes. Di’Ano also had a short conversation with MAIDENlong term manager Rod Smallwoodwho was traveling with the group.

After his friendly meeting with Harris, Di’Ano We’ve been around long enough to see more MAIDEN‘s performance before leaving near the end of the set to avoid traffic after the show.

He asked in a new interview with Sakis Fragos in the Greek magazine Rock Hard why he took the time to meet him Harris and Smallwood when he opposed the two in the past, he mentions Smallwood if “Rod Smallwallet“and comparison Steve to Adolf Hitler, Di’Ano replied (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I never called him [Rod] Rod Smallwallet. A reporter called him Rod Smallwalletand we thought it was all funny, so everybody in IRON MAIDEN he called him that, because it made him angry. That’s the end of it.

“I sang again Steve Hitler once. [Laughs] Because of the way he runs [the band],” Paul he explained. “It’s like a military force. They’re very focused. And I couldn’t think of anyone else [compare him to]. I said ‘Hitler’ [but] I didn’t mean it that way.”

A look back at the events that led to his departure MAIDEN and if it is true that it has anything to do with his words, Paul he said: “My record speaks for itself. I’ve played more shows than IRON MAIDEN he’s played… He plays a lot of concerts, but I play a hell of a lot more than he ever did. The reason was nothing to do with my voice. It had nothing to do with that. I was upset about some things, which were private in the group. And the way I dealt with them may not have been right, but I dealt with them. And that’s the end of it. And that’s what I’m saying.”

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Di’Anowho has been receiving physiotherapy and lymphatic drainage treatment in Croatia, finally underwent knee surgery on September 12. He was asked if MAIDEN campu supported him at any cost related to his treatment, Paul He said: “Yes, they did. Towards the end. It was very kind of them. What happened was that we were almost there, but there was also a lot of money needed to do the surgeries. Because it’s all done in private as well; how do you get good care IRON MAIDEN As soon as I was called, their managers called and said, ‘We will take the rest now. So we will pay the last installments.’ And all of that is important, but obviously the last part is the last part. There are some minor issues to overcome, though [we’re almost there]. [So] Thank you, IRON MAIDENand most of all, thanks to the fans.”

Pressed if it is true that he was not well paid for his work in the first two IRON MAIDEN albums, Paul said: “I have nothing to say about it at all, because, to tell you the truth, it’s not everybody’s job. I was paid very well. I’m very happy with that. See, if I try to say, ‘Oh. , IRON MAIDEN They didn’t give me enough money,’ I think badly IRON MAIDEN. And I’m not taking it. I was paid very well. They took care of me. End of story.”

Di’Ano recorded two top albums with IRON MAIDEN – self-proclaimed effort in 1980 and “killers” in 1981 – before being fired and replaced Bruce Dickinson. He went ahead with several other groups, including They kill and BATTLEZONEand released several solo albums.

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Di’Ano made what we said”Hitler” Comments at a 2009 press conference in Argentina where he was asked about rumors that his drug use was related to his separation. MAIDEN. “Where are you people getting this?” he asked. “I left IRON MAIDEN because they were going heavy metal, and IRON MAIDEN it’s a money making machine, and I’m not ashamed of it. It wasn’t about drugs; it was not like that. I am Steve… me [wrote] the song ‘Killers’. Steve he was [what he thought] it was good music. I thought his music was bad. It has nothing to do with medicine; there is nothing. Check your points or else this interview is over… I hate it! I hate it! Because people… You say something but you don’t know. Well, I’m telling you. IRON MAIDEN and Steve Harrisgroup of. It doesn’t matter to anyone else – either way Dave Murray, Clive [Burr]and… and Steve HarrisA group of people and it’s all money, money, money, money – no one counts. And I wrote songs 20 times better than his, but I only have one song ‘killers’ album because it is Steve‘s – must have this. fuckin’ Adolf Hitler. I’m not interested. So you’re going. But you have to take medicine when you have it IRON MAIDEN because they are very tired. And the only medicine was aspirin, because Steve [making hand gesture as if someone is speaking into his ear]… Headache.”

More than a decade and a half ago, Di’Ano he said The Jerusalem Post to stop MAIDEN The juggernaut back was the best thing that ever happened to him, and that he had no regrets with his former friends. “I don’t regret leaving at all MAIDEN – I was not in the right mind at the time to be in the middle of all this,” he said. “I was tired and depressed; I would have cheated on the fans and myself. It was easy to leave, and I’m very happy that the group is growing. “

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A few years ago, Di’Ano he said Metal Thunder Radio that he was not concerned about it MAIDENto write music as he would have liked. “Steve he had many words and phrases [to the band’s first album] all written. These were some of the bones of contention we had in the group – which I couldn’t write as much as I wanted to. Because I am a great writer, but most of my songs are not accepted. Because it is Steve‘s band, obviously.”

He continued: “The first album was a revelation, I have to tell you. It was amazing. And the second album, for me, not so much. That’s when I started to lose interest a little bit. [we] on [had] the best times – the best times. “

In May, Paul played his first full concert in seven years at the Bikers Beer Factory in Zagreb. The show was filmed and parts of it will be included in the documentary Di’Anoled by Wes Orshoskidirector and producer of the 2010 hit film “write” about MOTÖRHEAD a symbol.

The Zagreb concert was free to attend and was held as a way of saying thank you Paul‘s fans for their support during the most difficult time of his recovery. The demonstration took place a day before the event IRON MAIDENgig at the Zagreb Arena.

Di’Ano he recently teamed up with several Croatian musicians to create a new project called WARRIOR. WARRIOR went into the studio to record three songs, two of which – “Stop The War” and “Doubt Within” – released as a special limited edition DVD.

Photo gallery: Wes Orshoski / Stjepan Juras



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