“F*cking Loon” Kanye West Faces Stern Judgement From NBA Legend as Donda Academy Rumored to Shut Down

Former Billionaire and famous rapper Kanye West also caused controversy. A few weeks ago, he posted on his social media accounts and made anti-semitic comments. People all over the world mocked Ye, as he was called, for his views.


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In addition, Adidas broke all ties with Kanye and that is why he is no longer a Billionaire. On top of all this, the West school, Donda Academy is also rumored to be closed.


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Athletes and celebrities from around the world have given their opinions to West and former NBA star Robert Horry recently joined the conversation.

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Speaking on his podcast, Horry talked about how he doesn’t feel sorry for Kanye. However, he sympathizes with the students and staff of Donda Academy.

Horry said, “I feel sorry for all those kids, those students, and the teachers at Donda Academy. Those people, you know, believe him, and I don’t know why they believe such nonsense because you can’t.

Kanye West, founded by Donda Academy, is a Christian preparatory school said to be located in Simi Valley in California. Amidst all the controversy, there were reports that the school has been closed. However, recent sources say the school has resumed normal operations after being closed for a short period of time.

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The NBA champion recently cut ties with Kanye West following the controversy

Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown teamed up with Kanye West and was signed to Donda Sports in May. After the debate, Brown criticized West’s comments. However, he talked about sticking with Donda Sports.

Recently, he announced on Twitter that he will be leaving the organization along with Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald who also confirmed his departure.

Brown said, “So, after sharing in the conversation, I now realize that sometimes my words and my position may not be compatible in areas that do not agree with my views or principles. And, for that reason, I am discontinuing my relationship with Donda Sports. “

Like Robert Horry, Brown has also sympathized with the staff and students at Donda Academy. In addition, he also donated to sports that would affect the Donda Academy basketball team.


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