Forget Star Wars Fatigue, ‘Andor’ Is One of the Best Shows of 2022

There is one incident paragraph 7 about Andor that scared me.

It starts out amazing. Cassian Andor, our titular antihero, after pulling off an impossible threat to the Galactic Empire, was doing what any reasonable criminal would do next: share what we can call “Space Ibiza.” Wakes up at night, sleeps on the beach during the day. The strange sounds of nature often summon space witches and take them out with laser swords.

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In the middle of the conversation, Cassian – a new, different gang member he doesn’t deal with – is pulled over by a Stormtrooper and immediately interrogated, accused of being involved in a crime he just witnessed.

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Anyone watching the scene who was questioned by the brutal police officer almost had knots in their stomachs. Cassian, polite and forthcoming, quickly tries to stay out of trouble as he is slowly caught up in a series of questions, leading to his arrest for a crime he was never charged with. It’s both a brutal and shocking experience in its own right. What at first sounds like a fairy tale slowly turns into something terrifying. The result is inevitable: This is what happens when you let fascism thrive without support.

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The KX droid hovers over Cassian on the beach in Andor

Cassian’s first encounter with the Imperial KX droid was not pleasant.

Lucasfilm Image

It’s funny, but Andor – a cartoon that focuses on a character from the latest movie – is the first “thing” in Star Wars. which has shown us that the Galactic Empire is a fascist regime at its core, very bad. In a universe where the bad guys are supposed to be Nazis, that’s weird.

But that’s why Andor continues to be the best TV show ever. If you’re not watching it already, you should. It rules.

Andor rules because he is a manifestation of concern for the smallest things in his universe. Star Wars has often been about comedy, epic space battles with galaxy-changing consequences. But at no point in a Star Wars movie have I understood what Luke Skywalker and Co were fighting for; or what the rebels were rebelling against.

Darth Vader was evil because he wore black and choked dudes. That’s right. On the other hand, the Emperor had a pale, gray face and a dangerous laugh. Sure, these people blew up planets and killed children, but that’s bad pantomime stuff. In Andor, the villain is slow, disrespectful, and this makes the show one of the most important things that Disney has created since acquiring the Star Wars franchise in 2012.

The iconic silhouette of the black-clad, hooded villain Darth Vader in Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus.

It’s a good idea to take a breather from this person.

Disney Plus

It’s a show obsessed with the little things, the minutiae of the grind. We see apartment buildings, broken robots, depressed mothers eating dinner with their grown children. We look at the results of working orders, small work meetings, office sessions. We see families arguing over breakfast, complaining about guest lists and dealing with daily restrictions. Surprisingly, it’s fun.

I often criticize Star Wars for closing the gaps in its time and making the universe that was big look small. Andor’s architecture is different. It also mentions small details in a way that makes the world of Star Wars feel like it’s lived in. When we place the stories of these unwanted people into the larger story, we begin to hear a growing number of conflicting voices. This is not a Star Wars story, it’s a mini story that takes place somewhere in this universe. It’s amazing.

But beyond these lofty considerations, Andor is a display that excels in almost every aspect of its design. Looks good, well written. Not a single line of dialogue feels stilted or awkward. It is also packed with high performance features.

Denise Gough – who plays Dedra Meero, a member of the Imperial Security Bureau – perfectly captures the corporate anxiety of high-level meetings where one wrong word can cost you your job. And, as this tweet saysthere’s no crime I wouldn’t do if Stellan Skarsgård angrily asked me if I wanted to “fight these real criminals.”

Andor takes Star Wars to a place it’s never been before. It feels more like a John le Carré novel with explosions than a space opera. And as a person who really once completed Star Wars story/story with voice“that’s enough Star Wars for me thanks,” is a welcome change.

If you, like me, are tired of Luke Skywalker and Co., I encourage you to reconsider. Andor, despite the Star Wars stuff, is one of the best shows of 2022. I’m as surprised as anyone.


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