Health Care Beat Episode 31: Privacy And Cybersecurity Risks For Health Care Organizations – Part 2: Regulatory And Legislative Considerations (Podcast) – Food and Drugs Law

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Health Beat· Privacy and Cybersecurity Risks for Healthcare Organizations – Part 2

Health Care Beat is brought to you by Seyfarth’s interdisciplinary healthcare team. Each Beat will focus on industry and legal trends while identifying practical steps for healthcare organizations. The episodes will provide listeners with timely and insightful commentary on a variety of health topics from a variety of experts and thought leaders in the space.

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Health Care Beat Episode 31: Privacy and Cybersecurity Risks for Healthcare Organizations – Part 2: Regulatory and Legislative Considerations

This episode of Health Care Beat concludes a two-part series focusing on privacy and security risks for healthcare organizations. Jesse Coleman, Co-Chair of Seyfarth’s Healthcare Industry Group, and Leon Rodriguez, Chair of the firm’s Healthcare Regulatory and Compliance Group, join hosts Heather Claus and Chris De Meo for an in-depth conversation about regulatory and legislative considerations facing the industry. for the privacy and protection of personal data.

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The group also highlights Seyfarth’s recent participation in a five-part documentary produced by the American Health Law Association, titled “Health Law Violation: and discuss important issues and trends in the field, from risk mitigation and regulatory compliance, to litigation tactics, and more. Seyfarth’s content can be viewed here.

Also, click here to access and download Seyfarth’s 50-State Survey of Health Information Privacy Laws.

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