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Transamerica Institute® Releases New Cookbooks in Its Healthier Traditions Cookbook™ Series

Los Angeles, October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — More than 1 in 10 Americans (13%) plan to live to be 100 or older, but few are taking appropriate steps to protect their health, according to a recent survey.1 To help support people’s health and longevity, the nonprofit Transamerica Institute® has published a new cookbook, Healthy Heritage Cookbooks: Around the World, as part of its Healthier Traditional Recipes™ series.

(PRNewsfoto/Transamerica Institute)

(PRNewsfoto/Transamerica Institute)

“People have the potential to live longer than ever before. The possible gift of this extra time requires us to protect our health and wellness, and that we take care of ourselves in our daily lives. A part of promoting health and bringing people together One way is through delicious, nutritious food,” said Katherine CollinsonCEO and President of the Pan American Institute.

Healthier Traditional Recipes: Around the World Recipes inspired by traditional dishes from 19 countries on six continents, offering delicious dishes such as Australian Sweet Pavlova, Korean savory Japanese, and Cuban Classic Piccadillo. This cookbook encourages people of all cooking skill levels to learn about the way others eat around the world. It offers recipes with rich history and unique healthy ingredients.

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“Our eating habits are influenced by many factors, including personal beliefs, cultural background, lifestyle, dietary preferences, health status, availability and accessibility. Despite how different diets can be, we all agree that food brings comfort and promotes community development,” said Mihaela Wentzera public health expert at the Pan American Institute.

Healthier Traditional Recipes: Around the World Includes nutritional facts, evidence-based tips, and historical details. This cookbook, and others in this series, were created by a registered dietitian through extensive research and recipe testing. Its nutritious and flavor-packed recipes feature as many vegetables as possible, use healthy oils, minimize refined grains and added sweeteners, and maximize the flavor of spices and herbs, all while aiming to respect the essence of each dish .

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“We hope all our readers will enjoy learning how to cook these dishes, as well as a little knowledge about the history and ingredients used to make them. We offer vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives wherever possible, and readers are welcome to make other alternatives based on their personal preferences or demand,” said Christina Badalacoa registered dietitian who serves as a recipe consultant.

This Healthier Traditional Recipes: Around the World Featured recipes inspired by Australia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, CubaThis Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Fiji, IndiaSouth Korea, the Philippines, Morocco, Dutch, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania, SpainThis U.K.and U.S..

Download this free cookbook, and more Healthier Traditional Recipes series, including quick and easy, Italian, soul foodand American Classics.

Visit the Transamerica Institute’s website to learn more about health, personal finance, and retirement security resources, including its ClearPath – Your Roadmap to Health and WealthSM podcast series, healthcare guides, academic collaborations on workplace health and age-friendly employers, and 22nd Annual Pan American Retirement Survey. Follow Transamerica Institute on LinkedIn, Twitterand Facebook.

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1 Nonprofit Transamerica Institute®, 22nd Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey, December 2021

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