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Henry Cavill says he hasn’t given up hope of playing Superman again one day. However, even though he was surprised at what had happened to him, he put the cape back on.

Cavill was working six days a week at Netflix The Witcher when an agreement was reached to appear in one event Adam is black, he recalled in an interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz at the 92nd Street Y on Wednesday evening. He had to get permission from The Witcher team, but as the player remembered, “It was a secret so we couldn’t tell them what.”

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When he arrived at the studio of Warner Bros. in the UK for the shoot, he wore a suit that he chose because of his involvement: the clothes he wore in 2013. Man of Steelhis first trip as a hero.

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“I chose that one mainly because of the interest that is attached to the suit,” Cavill said during the interview, which was filmed by Horowitz. Happy Sad Confused podcast. “It was very important for me to stand there and enjoy that moment. That is one of the best moments of my career. It feels good to have the opportunity to dress again.”

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The interview comes after a week of making news for Cavill. The actor returned to the big screen as Superman for the first time in five years Adam is black. And on Monday, he confirmed that he will play Superman in future DC episodes, saying in a video posted on social media that the audience has seen. Adam is black It was just a “little taste” of things to come.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill in conversation at the 92nd Street Y

Courtesy of Karl Ault/Michael Priest Photography

Cavill was first shown as Superman Man of Steel, directed by franchise creator Zack Snyder. The DC Universe has gone through seismic shifts since then. Warner Bros. is under new leadership, and Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad cinematographer James Gunn and producer Peter Safran have been appointed to the highest level at DC under the newly established DC Studios, which will be home to Cavill’s future Superman.

Cavill said he was “very excited” about Gunn’s hiring and laughed off rumors that he would be joining Marvel. Lokisaying that if Gunn can jump back and forth between Marvel and DC, then maybe he can too.

Sources said The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros. is taking scripts from writers for sequels Man of Steel. Cavill declined to comment when Horowitz asked if there was any news to share with the filmmakers or writers: “Right now I can’t share anything, … things are coming.”

Filmmaker Snyder sent in a video query from his Netflix show Rebellion Moonand asks Cavill to reflect on their first flying experience, ending the video by saying, “I can’t wait to work with you again.”

Cavill responded by thanking the old man: “He’s a beautiful man, and I really appreciate everything he’s done for me.” … These are my memories, career wise. That’s when everything changed. I remember them well. … Zack, if you’re watching… thank you, my friend.”

As for his future, Cavill had some ideas.

The actor said: “There is a very bright future for the actor, and I am happy to tell a story with a very happy Superman.”


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