How ‘Terrifier 2’ Became a Box Office Success

Have you ever heard of a movie that’s so gut-wrenching, so scary, that it’s said to make some viewers vomit, faint, or even have to leave the theater?

The question itself (the movie, by the way, is “Terrifier 2”) encourages horror fans and skeptics to go to their movie theaters to see for themselves. The low-key, low-budget film has overcome obscurity to defy the odds and emerge as one of the best box office hits of the season. “Terrible 2” – and no, you don’t need to see the original film — has reached the top 10 in recent weeks on its way to grossing a staggering $7.73 million in domestic ticket sales. And it has managed to make a comeback without a big movie star at the party and no promotion at all.

“This is where word of mouth becomes more important than any paid marketing,” says Jeff Bock, an expert at Exhibitor Relations. “When the audience hears ‘snzi-o-rama’ – that’s the price of approval.”

Its slow success is perhaps the most surprising to its backers Bloody Disgusting and Cinedigm, as well as Iconic Releasing, which is distributing the film. Since “Terrifier 2” was not rated by the Motion Picture Association, distribution executives struggled to convince actors to release the movie. Considering the problem, the film was originally to be shown for three nights only.

“This surprised us all,” says Devon Canfield, VP of sales and distribution at Iconic Releasing.

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In its opening weekend, “Terrifier 2” earned $825,000 from 886 theaters. From there, something strange happened. For almost every movie that’s ever been released in theaters, ticket sales drop in the weeks that follow. Even debuts like “Avatar” and “Top Gun: Maverick” faced a dip after hitting the big screen. But so far, “Terrifier 2,” which follows a terrifying killer named Art the Clown, has managed to do something different, as it competes with studio horror films like “Halloween Ends,” “Smile” and “Barbarian.”

“It caught fire in a way you don’t see for a non-major studio movie,” said Paul Dergarabedian, chief analyst for Comscore.

Although its number of theaters dropped to 700 in its second run, the film grossed more than the previous weekend, bringing in $850,000 between Friday and Sunday. At the time, “Terrifier 2” grossed $2.29 million.

“We got down to 700 views in [our second weekend], and we continued to increase our revenue,” says Canfield. “That doesn’t happen when you lose land.”

At that time, the buzz started to build and “Terrifier 2” made $ 1.9 million in its third frame while growing to 755 places. And now in the fourth weekend of the main exhibition, ticket sales have continued to rise (by 4%) while the movie earned $ 1.8 million from the screens of 1,550, which marks its largest growth to date. With about $8 million in the bank, box office managers predict that hitting $10 million in ticket sales is possible.

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Dergarabedian said: “Weekly increases are very rare. “It’s like finding a Sasquatch.”

It doesn’t put up the same numbers as horror stories like “Halloween Ends” ($60 million), “Smile” ($92 million) or “Barbarian” ($40 million), but it shouldn’t; “Terrifier 2” was crowdfunded and made for $250,000.

The most popular is “Terrifier 2” reaching the No. 8 position of the weekend: It is played in most theaters once or twice a day. In comparison, “Tár,” another long movie with a running time of about 2 hours and 30 minutes, is playing four times a day. The film, which may have been a contender for the show, ranked 11th while playing in 1,087 theaters over the weekend.

“It’s almost showtime,” Canfield said. “Games have to evolve into bigger buildings.”

Box office managers show that there are many things against “Terrifier 2” (it’s two hours old, and there are other horror movies in theaters now) as they are doing (horror movies don’t miss the box office, and the market is empty and 45.5% less this fall compared to the same period in 2019, according to Comscore).

But successful ticket sales confirm one truth: “The horror audience is out there more than ever,” Bock says. It’s hot as Hades.

The box office success of the sequel is also impressive because the original “Terrifier” had no theaters when it came out in 2016, although it played briefly in 2018. It was only shown in 5 theaters and took in about $2,500.

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“For this one, we knew there was a strong online following and we wanted to give as many opportunities as possible to create performances and pay fans,” says Canfield.

Written and directed by Damien Leone, “Terrifier 2” features a demonic slayer who terrorizes the citizens of a small town around Halloween. Critics have been kind to the sequel, saying that it succeeds in the original story of Art the Clown. Miscellaneous Owen Gleiberman praised his “slash” and described the film as a “slasher dreamscape.”

“Focused on Halloween night, ‘Terrifier 2’ is a holiday horror film that clocks in at two hours and 18 minutes,” he wrote. “However this is very much in line with Art the Clown’s philosophy of mayhem: More is more.”

Although the film will be available digitally on Oct. 31, “Terrifier 2” is still expected to impress at the box office in the coming weeks. First, it’s streaming on Screambox, a small platform run by Bloody Disgusting, so it’s not expected to sell tickets. In an era dominated by superheroes and big-budget sequels, Canfield believes there is a lesson in the unexpected success of “Terrifier 2”.

“For movie theaters, I would say: embrace some things and don’t be afraid to take risks,” says Canfield.


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