Idaho college murders – update: Police call logs show reports of ‘blood’ stains and ‘suspicious’ men in Moscow as suspect at large

Video shows mystery man with slain Idaho students

Moscow residents called 911 repeatedly to report “suspicious” men and other disturbing incidents in the small, college town in the two weeks since four University of Idaho students were brutally murdered at an off-campus home.

The IndependentAn analysis of police call logs revealed chilling complaints, including a man with a knife, a person “wearing a black ski mask”, “a man outside taking pictures of the upper floors of the house” and reports from people who believed someone had tried. to enter their house.

In one particularly nasty call, the caller said a man had given their daughter a note on the back of a receipt at work, warning: “You better be careful.”

In another case, a caller said a man was “walking around taking down posters with information about a tip line,” believed to be the tip for the murders of Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kerndole and Ethan Chapin.

While some of the reports seem disturbing, they also reveal how the community is gripped by fear, as no arrests have been made and no suspects in the case.


Moscow police offer new vague update on “increased detective activity”.

Moscow police offered a new update on the investigation Tuesday afternoon.

“Today, as part of the ongoing homicide investigation and preliminary search warrant, there will be increased search activity and tow trucks at the scene as investigators move five vehicles from the police perimeter to a more secure long-term storage location to continue processing evidence. ,” said an update posted on Facebook.

No other details were released about why the vehicles were being moved now after more than two weeks of extensive searches by investigators.

Updates from the local police department have become more vague and distant as the investigation drags on.

Officials have said they are withholding any information that is not fully confirmed amid growing pressure from the outside about the apparent lack of progress.

Megan Sheets29 November 2022 20:42


The public has been urged to send in tips about “strange or unusual events”.

Investigators are urging the public to come forward with tips about “strange or unusual events” as they try to find the killer.

“Detectives are looking for context to the events and people involved in these murders,” the Moscow Police Department said Monday.

Officials tried to reassure informants that they were not focused on “activity” related to such events, trying to urge people to come forward; “Our focus is on investigations, not operations. Your information, whether significant or not, could be a piece of the puzzle that helps investigators solve these murders.”

Information can be submitted to the Tip Line at 208-883-7180 ​​or [email protected] or online at

Rachel Sharp29 November 2022 20:30


Vigils will be held on Wednesday

A small college town in Moscow plans to hold a vigil on Wednesday to commemorate the four victims killed in a brutal Nov. 13 attack.

The University of Idaho will host the event at Moscow University on November 30 at 5:00 pm local time, followed by an event at Boise University at 6:00 pm.

The university “will honor the memory of Ethan, Xana, Madison and Kaylee,” it said.

People can also join the vigil remotely.

The vigil was originally scheduled to be held after the killings, but was postponed as the town emptied, terrified students up sticks and leaving as the killer or killers remained at large.

Several students returned to Moscow on Monday after Thanksgiving break.

Rachel Sharp29 November 2022 20:00


The students all “died quickly,” the victim’s father said

The four students killed in the stabbing attack all died quickly, according to the grieving father of victim Kayleigh Goncalves.

Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Kana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin were killed around 3 or 4 a.m. on Nov. 13, police said.

Their bodies remained undiscovered for several hours before police received a 911 call at 11:58 a.m. to report an “unconscious person” at the home.

Steve Goncalves told ABC News that he learned it wouldn’t have made a difference if the victims had been found earlier because his daughter and her three friends died quickly and therefore would not have been saved.

“No one was hurt and no one felt that kind of pain,” he said.

Mr. Goncalves also shared his theory that the 911 caller may have reported an “unconscious individual” because his daughter was not answering her phone.

“I know the girls have been in contact through texts and calls, so I can only assume the phones are being ignored, knowing how my daughter isn’t going to ignore the calls and texts,” she said.

Megan SheetsNovember 29, 2022 19:30


Following the final hours of Idaho’s homicide victims

The University of Idaho campus was busy that day, a sea of ​​gold and silver, as the Vandals prepared for a home game against the UC Davis Aggies in the 16,000-seat Kibbie Dome. It was 28 degrees at the start. the weather was listed as terrible “ice fog” but happy, loyal fans came out; The Vandals’ 44-26 loss was disappointing, but it didn’t stop the students from getting ready to hit the town.

Among them were five girls living in a three-bedroom rented house on King Road, just a mile from the stadium and just two blocks from the edge of campus. Kaylee Goncalves and Maddie Mogen, both 21 and childhood best friends, were going downtown bars together. Kana Kernodle, 20, was going to hang out with her boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20. The girls’ two other female roommates also spent the night outside.

Reporting on the ground from Moscow, Idaho, The IndependentSheila Flynn presents the final hours of the students.

Rachel Sharp29 November 2022 19:00


Caylee Goncalves’ father told why the family didn’t have a funeral

The father of one of four University of Idaho students who was stabbed to death says his family won’t give him a funeral, fearing the “monster” who killed him may attend.

Kayleigh Goncalves was killed in the early morning hours of November 13 in Moscow, Idaho, where police are still searching for the killer.

Her father, Steve Goncalves, says that the family has not yet been able to organize a memorial for their daughter.

“My wife’s biggest fear, because we didn’t have a funeral, is that she couldn’t guarantee that the monster wasn’t going to be there,” he told ABC News.

He insisted that he still supports and trusts the law enforcement officers who are working on the case, despite the lack of results so far and the killer still at large.

of The Independent Graeme Massey has more.

Megan Sheets29 November 2022 18:46


Caylee Goncalves’ father says he’s trying to believe the police

Kaylee Goncalves’ father said he’s trying to believe the police investigating his daughter’s murder, but can’t help but be somewhat disappointed with the investigation so far.

Steve Goncalves told ABC News he feels “a little defeated” and frustrated by the lack of information law enforcement has shared with the family as the investigation enters its third week.

“I know there are some really good, hard-working guys and girls in this business that I’ve met. And they looked me in the eyes and directly said that they are working and doing everything that depends on them.”

Knowing her daughter’s killer is still out there is the only feeling worse than knowing she’s dead, she said.

“[The killer is] Having a great life out there and you’re just stuck in shambles,” he said.

“I must have my justice. These families deserve it.

“We just have to come together as a community. Bring all that evidence… and get this guy off the street.”

Rachel Sharp29 November 2022 18:30


The man was spotted taking down tip posters

A “suspicious” man was spotted taking down tip posters around Moscow, according to a 911 call.

A 911 caller told police they saw a “suspicious” man walking around taking down posters with information about the memos last Tuesday.

It’s not clear exactly what the memo was, but there’s a good chance it was from the Moscow Police Department’s 208-883-7180 ​​phone number, which has been advertised in connection with this month’s murders.

Rachel Sharp29 November 2022 18:00


The victim’s family fears that the killer will attend their daughter’s funeral

The devastated father of victim Kaylee Goncalves has revealed the family’s fears their daughter’s killer will turn up at her funeral.

Steve Goncalves told ABC News that the family has so far refused to hold a funeral for the 21-year-old because the identity of the killer or killers remains unknown.

“My wife’s biggest fear, because we didn’t have a funeral, is that she couldn’t guarantee that the monster wouldn’t be there,” he said.

Now, 16 days into the investigation of the murder, no suspects have been found, no arrests have been made, and the murder weapon has not been found.

Rachel Sharp29 November 2022 17:30


A man with a knife called 911 days after the murder

A man with a knife was called days after four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death in their home while they slept.

The IndependentAn analysis of police call logs revealed that few chilling complaints were made in the two weeks after the Nov. 13 murders.

On November 20, exactly one week after the murders, a caller reported “a man on the side of the road with a knife out in front of him.”

The police did not report the incident.

Other 911 calls reported seeing “suspicious” men in the area.

Rachel Sharp29 November 2022 17:10


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