Innovativeness And Adoption Of The Latest Tech Trends Can Lead Budding Entrepreneurs To Their Desired Success Levels, Says This Self-Made Multipreneur

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There are a large number of talents working in different industries in the world. However, only a few of these rare gems go on to carve out unique niches for themselves through their brands and businesses. Ever wonder what might have pushed many of them to the forefront of their industry? Working around an original vision, among several factors, adds more value to the very people an entrepreneur hopes to serve or cater to, leading them down a path of exponential growth and success. As one of the self-made success stories in the business world who believes it, creating impactful businesses to improve lives is a need of the moment.

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Planav Alora

I am CEO of JMTD Holdings, a private equity firm that provides capital and value-add partnerships to industry-leading companies, and Division Head of Just Funky, a premier licensed and private label Mainstream retail market for commodity manufacturers. I often mention the importance of choosing to innovate in order to make your mark in the business world. Taking the latest technological advancements and technology trends and combining them with knowledge and expertise in their own industry can help business owners actively disrupt their industry and open more doors of opportunity for growth and success.

Young and promising entrepreneurs should not only have drive and enthusiasm for work, but also have resilience and patience, and face the ups and downs of their careers with an optimistic attitude. Additionally, entrepreneurs should strive to be problem solvers in their chosen industry and try to fill gaps in their industry.

I remember how I saw a gap in the business world when I noticed several entrepreneurs lacked the right expertise and strategies to grow their businesses. That’s what drove me to start my private equity firm, working closely with their clients’ finance teams, marketing teams, and research experts to develop and execute impactful growth strategies that make them more profitable.

Even in the process of growing my family business, Just Funky, a premier manufacturer of licensed and private label merchandise for the mainstream retail market, I saw the need to work around innovative ideas that would be of great use to customers. The products brought to life are simply attractive.

I believe and suggest that aspiring entrepreneurs should go hand in hand with the advent of technology in the world and take full advantage of the modern technology industry, which is the future. I’m doing the same by launching two other companies, Deciph-AR, an augmented reality app that helps people connect with their favorite brands and see their Merch come alive, and NFT Merch, an AR driven companies that help create immersive experiences for their physical products.

I hope that Gen Z in the business world can focus on what they want to achieve with their businesses while making sure that being a problem solver and thinking outside the box to come up with solutions can provide value in people’s lives.


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