Maneskin On Queerbaiting Allegations

You probably know Måneskin. Even if you haven’t voluntarily listened to their music, you may have seen their performance at last year’s VMAs, or their Eurovision performance in 2021.

Meanwhile, the Italian rock group is famous for their style, both on stage and on the red carpet – we’re talking about garters, lots of eye makeup, etc. Look at the picture below, you get the deal.

Two of the group’s members – Victoria De Angelis and Ethan Torchio, first and third from the left in the photo – identified as LGBTQIA+ members. Two others, Damiano David and Thomas Raggi, stand out straight away.

Apparently, Damiano and Thomas are accused of conflicting because of their decisions – a topic that the team recently discussed with the Guardian.

“There are some events that happen, but sometimes [the accusations are] very extreme,” said Victoria.

“Of course [that Raggi and David] straight doesn’t mean they can’t wear makeup. Or heels.”

Damiano added that his character and Thomas are often inspired by their own famous team. “Everything Thomas and I do is filtered through two people who do it [queer],” he said.

Mr Damiano said he had also received backlash from Italians for his decisions. “We’ve always been very divided. There’s a group of people who love us and are very proud of what we’re doing, and then there’s a whole other side made up of fans and rock’n’roll fans and fascists. We hate everything they’ve got.

In short, it looks like Måneskin will continue to do their thing, and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that. We’ll see what they do next!

Read the full interview here.


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