On All Classical’s “Noteworthy,” Lynnsay Maynard Reveals Hidden Links Between Books and Music

Some people, like All Classical Portland host Lynnsay Maynard, are born with a love of reading and books.

“My parents always make fun of me bringing hard books in my crib instead of toys,” Maynard says, laughing. “But to be honest, [reading] it is one of the greatest passions of my life. ” And he has been interested in the words written by him at All Classical, a radio station known all over the world where he is heard regularly in the weekday hours from 2 to 6.

When Maynard was asked about the position on the air, he put forward the idea of ​​a program that would explore the relationship between classical music and literature-songs inspired by prose or poetry, novels and plays inspired by symphonies or operas.

That idea stuck Interesting, a weekly program hosted by Maynard that airs on Sunday afternoons. As promised, each episode pulls the thread connecting music and literature through classic selections and readings of poems or short passages.

For example, the first episode, which appeared at the end of October, explores Frédéric Chopin 24 Introduction, a series of short piano pieces that the composer wrote in part while living in Majorca with his lover George Sand. Maynard played parts of the song and read from it In short, Sweet LifeNell Stevens’ novel told from the point of view of a soul that falls in love with Sand.

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The most recent music that Johannes Brahms and Gustav Holst wrote for universities is known as the campus book, meaning Kingsley Amis’. Good luck Jim and Gabrielle Zevin Tomorrow is tomorrow and tomorrow.

The depth and variety of each part of the Interesting what has aired so far is similar to All Classical programming, but it sounds impressive when you consider that Maynard is independent when it comes to his music and literary tastes.

He said: “Many people who work in this field played musical instruments or grew up in a house where mother and father were very fond of classical music.” “I don’t have any of that in my pocket. I don’t play an instrument. I can’t read music. And my parents were the group of James Taylor, Carole King. The way I started connecting with the music was just looking at the stories of the songwriters and their life stories and how they were inspired by the pieces. “

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Although Maynard’s resume also includes work at other non-commercial stations such as Seattle’s KUOW and Maine Public Radio, his day job until recently was as an anchor. His new full-time gig at All Classical is being able to work Interesting apparently it’s a cure for him, especially after he’s tired of his old job during the plague.

Since the development of the play, Maynard entered the production with a special zeal, quickly reading new books for inclusion and conducting research. As a result, he is said to have already recorded programs for the next three months.

On the deck in the coming weeks is an exploration of grief through the work of Beethoven and Joan Didion, as well as an exhibit about the Harlem Renaissance. Also, Maynard hopes to begin presenting discussions with local authors and those visiting Portland on book tours.

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It’s not hard to get carried away by Maynard’s enthusiasm as he talks about the future of Interesting. I left our short phone call with a list of books and authors to check out at the library and pieces of music to follow – and I’m not alone in this. Even after only a month, the All Classical audience has been rejoicing in its appreciation Interesting is the curator of the show.

Maynard said: “I was very happy with what the people said. “People really love this show. I just got an email from a listener today who says he’s been putting together a spreadsheet of all the books he’s mentioned. Interesting because he wants to add them to his ‘to be read’ list. As a fellow reader, that is a huge compliment.”

Listen: Interesting airs every Sunday afternoon on All Classical Portland 89.9 FM.


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