Overwatch 2’s new tank hero Ramattra revealed at OWL Grand Finals

The next hero is coming Overwatch 2 Not exactly new. At the conclusion three years ago, players got a glimpse of him, an omniscient worker known as Ramtra. Overwatch A collection program called Storm Rising. At the Overwatch League Grand Finals on Friday, the event’s cliffhanger revealed that the villainous Doomfist was teamed up with the villainous Omnic when Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new tank-class character. Overwatch 2 next month.

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Ramatra will join Overwatch 2 Roster, debuting with the game’s second season on December 6. He will be the game’s 11th tank character, and will bring a unique mechanic to the tank group: Ramtra has two forms, a standard Omnic form and a lighter second form, called Nemesis.

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In his standard omnic form, Ramatra fights using a staff that fires projectiles and can create a barrier to protect his team. But when Ramtra comes out using his cooldown ability, he becomes a massive brawler capable of powerful melee attacks that fear “squishy” the opposing team. Overwatch developers described Ramtra’s transformation as “terrifying” and “dangerous”, transforming him from a normal-sized hero to one of the largest heroes in the game. That change to his more aggressive Nemesis form makes him more lethal, but also makes him a great target for attacks like Ana’s Sleep Dart or Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord.

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Ramatar is meditating in an omnic temple surrounded by other omniscient monks in a scene from his original story video.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

But Ramatra Tank will offer players new gameplay opportunities, letting them choose to defend their team with long-range attacks and obstacles, or aggressively lead the charge in battle. His punches, while in Nemesis form, can pierce through obstacles, said lead hero designer Alec Dawson, providing a counter to the “balloons” of heroes like Winston and Zarya.

Blizzard didn’t say much about Ramtra’s ability kit or his stats during Thursday’s press briefing, and instead focused on Omnic’s story place in the world of Overwatch.

According to Blizzard’s official origin story, Ramtra was built as a war machine for the Omnic Crisis, but laid down his arms to seek peace on the side of Zenyatta. For a while, Ramatra followed that peaceful path before finally leading the Null Sector and fighting for the survival of her people by any means necessary.

“Omnics and humans have tried to coexist, but as we’ve seen in lore, it hasn’t worked out well for them,” said lead narrative designer Gavin Jurgens-Fihry. “Ramatra is tired of waiting and impatient. He has formed this organization with some allies to fight for the freedom of the Omnic people and win their safety at any cost.

Ramatra holds the broken body of an omnic while an angry mob of people with makeshift weapons surrounds them.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Like Kiriko, it feels like Ramattra will roll out players through Overwatch 2Pass the battle of. Players who pay for the premium version of the pass will get it immediately, while other players will have to level up the free version of the pass to unlock it. When asked if Blizzard plans to change the required Battle Pass level – 55 for Kiriko – for Ramatra’s release, art director Dion Rogers demurred, saying the Overwatch team is regularly evaluating its plans. “It’s an ongoing conversation for our team,” Rogers said.

Ramattra will arrive in Season 2 with a new map, the developers said has unspecified ties to the new protagonist. More heroes are planned, along with a new support-class character Overwatch 2 In 2023.


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