‘Please Get The Help You Need’

Jessica Simpson rocks

Jessica Simpson rocks

Jessica Simpson just showed her fans her daughter Birdie’s room on Instagram – but it wasn’t the room that attracted the most attention, as the comment section was full of comments from fans who were deeply affected by the 42-year-old girl. The appearance of the mother of three “weak” ” is “sick” and his behavior!

Jessica Simpson and Pottery Barn Kids’ Instagram Post

The video, which was posted on Jessica’s Instagram page on November 3, as part of a collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids, showed the “Party For One” singer showing her 6.1M followers her three-year-old daughter’s room, which was decorated. and products from the seller.

Pottery Barn Kids shared the news on its account, and wrote: “I don’t think there’s any risk you can’t take.” – @jessicasimpson. Take a sneak peek into the singer’s tight room for three-year-old daughter Birdie. “

Pottery Barn Kids Cause Controversy

While some fans really appreciated the room, one wrote, “The room is so cute!” followed by four heart-eyed emojis, with another fan saying, “Looks great! I love the room and the beds especially! Great job!” followed by a clapping emoji, almost all of the other comments were about Jessica’s behavior, which includes speaking freely and looking like she can’t focus. His slim figure, which makes fans believe he has lost more than the 100-lbs he first claimed to have lost, was something fans couldn’t comment on!

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“Is he okay?” one fan asked. “Please tell me I’m not the only one hearing his voice slow… is he okay?!?!” asked someone. “He can’t talk,” someone said. “Okay, we saved Britney and now we have to save Jessica *sighs* hold on girl, we’re coming,” said one fan. “Something is wrong here,” said one fan. “What’s going on here. What’s wrong?” asked another, followed by a crying emoji. “Please get the help you need before it’s too late. This is TRAGIC. You have 3 beautiful children to live with,” another pleaded.

His slurred speech is one thing that fans have commented on, as has the fact that he looks thinner than before, with many fans calling him “weak” and “sick,” among other things. “Weak and fragile. I hope she’s okay,” one fan wrote, followed by a sad face emoji. “She has looked anorexic for some time, that’s concerning. Yes, she has muscles but you can see her breastbones, back and hips in some places,” complained a worried fan.

“She looks like she’s on a lot of speed drugs,” said another, while another worried fan asked, “You okay girl? It just shows you’re fine I love you!” “Wow! She lost a lot of weight. I hope she’s okay. She’s a beautiful lady,” said one fan. “Oh! I love Jess, but the skinny look and those lips don’t mix,” added another. “He doesn’t look good. His eyes are sunken. Something is not right,” said another fan. “Is she on drugs? Talking nonsense…,” said one fan. “This breaks my heart. She looks so sick,” wrote one concerned, followed by a crying emoji. “

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Jessica Responds to Criticism

The concerns of Jessica’s fans were hard to ignore with their comments dominating the comments section of the Pottery Barn Kids post, so it didn’t take long for the singer, actress and fashion designer to see them and respond! Although he didn’t name the post or criticize it directly, it’s clear that the Instagram post he shared on November 7 was his way of responding.

“I had to be in my studio today because that’s where I calmed down and healed,” Jessica captioned a video of her singing in her studio, before talking about “people’s comments” and “judgments” that “hurt a lot.” “As much as I’ve learned to block out the destructive noise… people’s comments and judgments can still be very painful with their constant whining ‘you can’t be good,'” he continued. “The most important thing I’ve learned in the last 5 years without alcohol being an escape guard, is that I CAN and ALWAYS WILL. I can do anything I care to put my mind to. I’m there. I’m very motivated. I’m determined, I’m honest, I care about other people.”

Jessica went on to say that she “sympathizes with the hate that some people do so effortlessly just to get a quick word out on the radio or television,” adding: “We all have days when we want to be, Look, do, and feel good. No one is. lonely and feeling like that, that I promise you. I woke up immediately anxious and insecure and angry and defensive – like some of you. that is to stop and just sing and look inside the mirror, directly in my eyes to see myself and understand myself. I can relate to the beat to my heart. I am stable and strong. I am at home.” Jessica ended her post by saying: “Nothin’ and nobody will steal my joy. Ya can get close but it’s mine to have. Yours should be too.”

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100-Lb Weight Loss And Control

Jessica has been on a slim and toned journey over the past few years. He explained his struggles in his 2020 essay, Open the Book, saying that he “kills himself” with pills and alcohol, but now he has been sober for five years, as explained in his Instagram above. She’s also not shy about talking about her incredible weight loss journey, which began in 2019 after the birth of her daughter Birdie, she says. Additional informationTerri Seymour back in September that the main thing was to change her diet, saying: “I went to a nutritionist, and I needed to start eating better.”


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