Trump news live: Trump gives surprise speech from Mar-A-Lago as 2024 rival DeSantis wins Florida ‘landslide’

‘Get ready’: Trump says he will ‘probably’ run for president again in 2024

Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis has entered a second term despite a looming election threat from Donald Trump, according to Donald Trump’s predictions. The Associated Press.

Mr Trump had warned that Mr DeSantis could “hurt himself badly” if he tried to run for president in 2024, as many people thought he might.

Some political operatives and pundits see Mr. DeSantis, who has gained national notoriety for igniting culture wars over race and gender in Florida schools, as a younger, slicker, understated version of Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump had not greeted Mr. DeSantis more than 90 minutes later AP called the race, even though he had told reporters earlier in the day that he voted for him in his hometown in Florida.

Meanwhile, the former president himself wasted no time in pushing baseless claims of voter fraud and calling on his supporters to protest before the midterm polls close.

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Trump speaks, but only briefly

Donald Trump seems to have finished his speech with Mar-a-Lago after just a few minutes, he spent it boasting that the candidates had recommended him to win their election.

The audio cut to the beginning of his speech, but I didn’t hear him talking about Ron DeSantis.

Io Dodds9 November 2022 03:18


DeSantis is now beating Trump in Florida

Here is a fun fact about Donald Trump: Ron DeSantis it seems you have greatly exaggerated the way the former president was doing in the 2020 election.

While Mr. Trump won Florida with 51.2 percent, about four points ahead of his Democratic opponent, Mr. DeSantis is projected to win with 59.4 percent, according to the New York Times. That’s an impressive 19-point margin over Democrat Charlie Crist.

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Senator Marco Rubioonce called “Little Marco” by Mr. Trump, he also seems to have surpassed his opponent, winning the state by 58 percent according to the Times.

MSNBC pundit Steve Kornacki also reported that Miami Dade, which went heavily Democratic in 2016, voted for Mr. DeSantis with an estimated 53.6 percent. “Look at that!” Mr. Kornacki shouted.

Io Dodds9 November 2022 03:13


Trump will speak at Mar-a-Lago

We are now waiting for a speech from Donald Trump at his residence Mar-a-Lagowhere assistants now move things on stage.

It’s been over two hours since then The Associated Press He called the Florida race for governor Ron DeSantis, and we haven’t even seen Mr. Trump congratulate him.

Here’s our Mar-a-Lago event stream:

Io Dodds9 November 2022 03:06


CYMI: When Trump caused King Charles

A new book says that King Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry weren’t so happy with former president Donald Trump’s comments about Kate Middleton in 2012, unleashing “insults.”

Earlier this week, Newsweek report on excerpts from Christopher Andersen’s forthcoming royal biography, The King: The Life of Charles III. The book, which is set to be released in the US next week and in the UK on December 8, describes what happened to the royal family after Mr Trump wrote badly about Kate Middleton.

Megan Sheets9 November 2022 03:00


All credit and no debt

How much of a role does Donald Trump believe he will play in the Republicans’ performance tonight? Well, it depends.

“I think if they win, I should get all the credit, and if they lose, I shouldn’t be blamed,” the former president said. NewsNation early tonight, with just a hint of a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Donald Trump to claim credit if endorsed candidates win midterm races

“But it will be the opposite. When they win – I think they will do very well – I will be getting very little credit, although in many places I tell people to run, and they run and they seem to be very good candidates.

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“Usually what will happen if they do well I won’t be given any credit, and if they do bad they will blame everything on me. So I’m ready for anything, but protect ourselves well.

Mr. Trump has endorsed more than 330 candidates in this election.

Io Dodds9 November 2022 02:45


No, congratulations to Ron DeSantis for now

It has now been almost 90 minutes since the AP called the Florida governor Ron DeSantisand so far we have not seen a message to congratulate Donald J Trump.

Mr Trump’s social media account went silent as of 9:31pm EST, while the AP called the race at 8:03pm. Maybe you are busy?

Io Dodds9 November 2022 02:31


How Trump’s misleading claim about Detroit voting errors spread

Trump isn’t the only one making misleading claims about voting errors in Detroit.

Kristina KaramoRepublican running for Michigan secretary of state, seized on reports that some Detroit voters were told they had already filed their ballots as evidence in support of his latest lawsuit alleging corruption in the city’s counting system.

Ms Karamo’s tweet, based on a report from local journalist Charlie Langton, neglected to mention that these voters were not prevented from voting, and that electoral officials had promised to ensure that such votes were counted.

Hours later, the city said it traced the problems to a “harmless data error” in a system designed to prevent duplicate voting.

That didn’t stop Ms Karamo’s claims from spreading far and wide across the pro-Trump social media universe, thanks in large part to Mr Trump and his outsider persona. Dinesh D’Souza.

Ms Karamo’s lawsuit was dismissed on Monday by a Michigan judge, who said it “grossly failed” to support her arguments with “any evidence”.

Io Dodds9 November 2022 02:24


Opinion: Trump is running around the midterms with lies and egos

Writing The IndependentVocabulary section, Andrew Buncombe looks at how Donald Trump closed the midterm campaign:

If the former president was slow to get back on the electoral track, he has done more than that, seemingly endlessly over the past 18 months, regardless of his false claims of vote rigging and victimization.

On Monday night, he returned to Ohio for a final rally, which preceded the two-hour election.

And just like at the event in the summer of 2021, the speech he gave on Monday was filled with lies, insults, and his seemingly endless ego.

Read the full piece below:

Megan Sheets9 November 2022 02:00


Read more from DeSantis

Here is my partner Alex Woodward for the full story of Ron DeSantis and his rise to Florida.

Io Dodds9 November 2022 01:33


DeSantis won Florida despite Trump’s threat

Mr. DeSantis is expected to have won a victory over Democrat Charlie Crist, securing a second term and strengthening his influence and popularity among the Republican base.

A win could raise speculation that he could challenge Mr Trump for the 2024 presidential election, given his success in making himself a figurehead in America’s culture wars over race and gender in schools.

Mr Trump alleged that Mr DeSantis would “hurt himself badly” if he ran, while Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba said: “Just stay where you are. He’s doing a good job in Florida.”

Mr. DeSantis now has four more years in office, but that won’t stop him from resigning if he thinks he has a shot at the White House.

So far, Mr Trump has not congratulated Mr DeSantis on his victory.

Io Dodds9 November 2022 01:27


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