United Airlines thinks you’re a fool if you fly Southwest

United Airlines plane in the sky

United Airlines

Southwest Airlines. Such a terrible company.

Honestly, do these people know what they are doing?

All these smiling flight attendants hide a pit of failure. Are they aware of what is really going on? Southwest passengers are suffering so much that they probably don’t have the energy to express how sad they are.

More technically incorrect

what You thought this was all my opinion? How can you do that?

No, this sounds like the sentiments of a comedy troupe that suddenly landed on United Airlines.

Or should it be humorous?

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I only ask because the airline just launched a website, announcing a new service, revealing United’s view that Southwest’s customers are miserable.

The site is called NotGroupC. And oh, what fun.

It starts with the story of a Southwest flyer who forgot to check in 24 hours before their flight and ended up in the dreaded Group C — especially dire right now because planes are so full.

You might have to resort to the worst seats on the plane.

Now, in an act of arrogant generosity, United is offering Southwest customers what it dubs “Court-C calls” to remind them of their potential doom.

Now why would United want to do this without the happy hope of absorbing a bit of customer data? Oh, because it claims to be “the airline that lets you choose your seat in advance.”

“What a nice zap!” I hear you excited. “United has come a long way from being the airline everyone hates, because it’s so hard to annoy passengers who don’t like to stumble out of their seats.”

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But in this case, United takes its joshing to far-flung places. The website reminds Southwest customers United has “no change fees. And lie-flat seats. And… who has a lounge at the airport?”

Because I need lie-flat seats and airport lounges when I’m flying from San Francisco to LA.

Please correct me if I’m being too tolerant, but I don’t mind checking 24 hours before the flight. Instead it raises expectations.

Clearly, however, United believes this is a disgusting imposition, akin to exfoliating your own armpits.

Is your average business traveler going to be happy with all this? is there anyone Maybe. Expressed cruelty hurts many people these days.

You know, the kind of cruelty that makes you fly basic economy and gives you — check it out — no choice of seats. Unless you pay more, that is. Gosh, isn’t that what United do? Why, it is. And it’s much stricter in its basic economy offerings than Delta or American. How did that happen?

Here, however, is the (only) part that really entertains me. The Points Guy reports that the campaign is running in three markets – Denver, Houston and Chicago.

In each of the city airports where United and Southwest compete, United has a larger share of traffic.

So why would United want to spit on Southwest’s route — especially over something relatively trivial and dubious?

When you are a market leader, you don’t pay attention to the people below you. Apple isn’t doing a lot of ads mocking Microsoft these days, is it?

Yet here the market leader is mocking a small player. What would have brought it?

It can’t be fear, can it?


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