UNO! Mobile Announces New Esports Tourney With Community Cup


Mattel163 announced this week Uno! Mobile There will be an all-new esports tournament with the Community Cup. The tournament will be open to players in the United States and Canada with in-game level 3 or higher, as everyone competes for cash prizes as they offer money and in-game prizes. $600k. Those who want to participate will be able to play in the qualifiers, which will begin on the app on November 24 at 11am ET and end on December 3 at midnight ET. Every day you will have an opportunity to join Community Cup debut And get points. The highest score each day will advance to the finals in December. You can read more about it from the organizers below.

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Uno!  Mobile announced a new esports tour with the Community Cup
Credit: Mattel163

Uno! Mobile Players can participate by selecting the “Community Cup” card from the main menu. Participants can play a maximum of 2 rounds per day, and each round consists of multiple 3-minute games with the same opponents. Each game combines classic UNO rules with an unexpectedly fun combination of house rules. The grand finale will take place on December 9 and will be live-streamed Uno! MobileOfficial Youtube, Facebook and TikTok Channel of All sixteen finalists will be honored with a special in-game avatar decoration to commemorate their achievement! The winner of the final round will win the Community Cup Debut Champion and $3,000 USD. Second place will take home $1,000, while third and fourth place will win $500 each.”

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“When the qualifiers begin on November 24, Uno! Mobile 2022 All-Stars Champion Lilipicchu will release a special pack called “Luck of a Champion”. The Champion Pack includes Voice Packs, Avatar Frames, and Super Cute Emojis, all designed and created by Lillipichu himself! Uno! Mobile has entered the competitive esports industry in full force and with plenty of unexpected fun. The title already has over 250 million fans worldwide. With comprehensive easy-to-learn gameplay and highly unpredictable fun, Uno! Mobile Brings a new style of competitive gaming to the scene. All you need is some fast fingers to kill Uno! Moreover, recently concluded Uno! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars An accessible and inclusive tournament clearly demonstrates the potential of the platform. The All-Stars tournament has crossed 20 million live-stream views Uno! Mobile and participating star channels. This cements Mattel163 as a serious contender in the mobile esports space.”

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