Utah family turns business idea into successful side hustle

People looking to supplement their income or earn extra cash are turning to side hustles.

On today’s episode of “Save More, Worry Less,” Tamara Vaifanua shows us how a Utah couple made their side hustle work for them.

Michael and Diana Stone live in Linton with their three children. In just a few years, they had created a lucrative wrapping paper business. A simple idea has grown into a six-figure side hustle.

Side hustles thrive in Utah.

According to Deseret News, 40,838 people are working a job to earn extra income — in addition to their regular jobs.

“It’s increasingly becoming a passive source of income for a lot of people,” said CNBC Make It contributor Meg Sauer.

She talks to people from all over the country who come up with creative side hustles.

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“This guy who lives in Oregon, he just rented out his backyard pool to strangers and made $200,000 in two years.”

People also rent out backyards for corporate parties, or turn them into dog parks.

In Linton, Utah, Michael Stone and his wife Diana run the Viola Grace Shop.

Their specialty is print-on-demand wrapping paper for just about any occasion you can imagine.

“Kids birthday parties or themed birthday parties. Or Christmas presents or something,” says Michael.

They have a library of 1,500 licensed designs printed on high-quality paper.

“You know when you get the perfect slide with scissors, it gets stuck and rips three inches. It doesn’t do that,” says Michael.

They are also pre-cut.

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“It’s only three sheets, so you use it, you wrap it up, and there’s no waste. You don’t have to store it,” he said.

In 2022, the Stones made money, generating $150,000 in revenue.

They spend hours each night while the kids are asleep.

“We’ve moved away from Etsy, and now we’re on our own site, and we’re working with software partners to be able to personalize it. We’re doing it primarily to provide more time for our families and our kids,” Michael Say.

Successful satyr masters like Michael are now sharing their knowledge.

“One of the popular side hustle trends right now is people selling courses on how to start a side hustle,” Sauer said. “They’re selling, ‘How do I make money by only working 10 hours a week.'”

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This week, Michael will be presenting a 6 week course.

If you want to start your own side hustle — do it, he says!

“A lot of them are even stay-at-home moms. Because if the kids are at school or they’re sleeping or something like that, we’ve found a lot of freedom from that,” he said.

For now, Michael said, they are happy with the state of their business. The point is to spend more time with the kids, they don’t want to take on more responsibilities.

That’s why it’s important for him to articulate his “why.”

He also recommends doing your homework and finding something that requires less work.


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